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[ Wyse WY-50 info ]
WY-50 Display Terminal (obs.) Low-Cost Ergonomic Display Terminal The WY-50 is the good looking alpha- numeric ASCII display
terminal designed to operate with almost any computer system.
The terminal features a 132-column 14-inch diagonal screen in green or amber with a high-resolution character set to make it easy on
the eyes.
The low profile keyboard has a full alpha-numeric section, thoughtfully placed cursor control keys, editing keys, a numeric pad, and
16 program- marble function keys.
The positive feel of the sculptured keys and the -n- key rollover feature make missed keystrokes a thing of the past. In fact the WY-
50 is loaded with ergonomic features, from the full tilt and swivel display, to the two-position keyboard height adjustment. Even setup
is made easy with a -menu-driven- soft setup mode.
The WY-50 is packed with technical features. A full range of editing, communications and formatting features is provided. It even has
a split-screen capability and four operator-selectable smooth scrolling speeds. Because the WY-50 is compatible with a wide range of
popular protocols, most software will work correctly with no modification.

[ Wyse WY-50+ info ]
The WY-50+ is a very powerful full- function ASCII terminal. It is identical to WYSE''s best selling WY-50 terminal, but enhanced with
extra screen memory, more emulations, a bidirectional auxilliary port, WYSEWORD, an amber screen and other valuable features. In
keeping with WYSE''s traditional, full-function standards, the WY-50+ comes with a large 14" screen, readable, high-resolution
characters, and an 80/132 column display. The low profile, mechanical switch keyboard is designed to be the best-feeling, most
reliable ASCII keyboard available. The WY-50+ comes standard with a full range of editing, communications and formatting features.
It even has a split screen capability and four oper- ator selectable scrolling speeds. WY-50+. Enhanced value: in the traditional design
from WYSE.

Grade: A = Very clean skins, very minor yellowing and no burn on screen.
Grade: B = Some yellowing on skins, Slight minor burns on screen.

[ Part Numbers ]
WY-50 (GREEN): 900050-01
WY-50 (AMBER): 900268-01

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